by Tom Jeefs

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released September 1, 2012




Tom Jeefs Vienna, Austria

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Track Name: HiDef
High Quality rap – 96 kilohertz baby
Thought I didn’t come back, but you was seeing us baby
It wasn’t wrong to expect, that you would be with us baby
‘cause I thought that in fact, you would believe in us

This is brand new shit that has become open
The flow is unbroken unpaused unspoken ->
Last year I was announced for summer but I came in fall
Complications…you should be happy that I came at all
This is the new style, the new flow, the new words
Spittin high quality shit, don’t know what you heard
Here my voice in Hi-Def then I left
You break down because it’s too much to digest
Clinic patients scared of string arrangements
Part two of the ancient rhyme of no patience
All NATO nations put arms into placement
When Tom Jeefs speaks after music deprivation
Straight, No waiting, direct with no relations
Loud Declarations, unmistakable like appellations
Futile Demonstrations against the occupation
Tom Jeefs back with new shit from the basement
Brrat, on the pavement, hear what I say
I took a Jet-setting pause so you could see where I stay
In it deep…talking greedy
Talk is cheap, walk is easy
Yap, better believe me, I aim at you guys
When you try to be above me, I lean to the side
Fiend of the mic and I’m keen on the nine
The underground scene is decent and mine
Intricate Rhymes with no explanation
One detonation wipes out populations
Key coded and folded the lyrical Locksmith
Nobody comes with the rhymes that I come with

High Quality rap – 96 kilohertz baby
Thought I didn’t come back, but you was seeing us baby
It wasn’t wrong to expect, that you would be with us baby
‘cause I thought that in fact, you would believe in us
Track Name: High Surf
I been betrayed and played on
And player tryna hate on me?
Best believe that is what it’s gon be
But not with me I came out of the struggle alive
Tell me who didn’t…guys just paid the ultimate price
Weather you live your life with bud and drugs
Staring outta barred windows becuz
Ur fellas didn’t show you love
If you got nothing to lose to try is only logical
Cause everything is possible if I only tried to rock wit u
We could have made it all
Too bad you changed your mind boo
Cuz with matches styles they couldn’t say that I out-rhymed you
I wouldn’t try to, but you make up your own decisions
In the end I don’t complain if it’s that what you was wishing
We had the atmosphere of Irish pubs in the air
And alternative flair accompanied the affair
So it’s a sin to say that I’ve ever been one-dimensional
I question you…what is the mission that you feel sent to?

We know that it’s not as easy as we go
For you it’s not too rough if we just play tough
And do it like we did it before, rough and unsecure
But I like to play with luck
We know that it’s not as easy as we go
For you it’s not too rough if we just play tough
And do it like we did it before
Cause motherfuckers know where we are

Now it’s kinda strange, all the clutching and lips touching
Knowing it won’t work out, but carpe diem so fuck it
Also those nights slowly start to hurt my budged
We live like superstars but in our hearts we are rugged
Big inventory and intertwined stories
Kinda what I like but wonder how it’s gon be
With everything that’s left we will probably wait and see
While in the meantime you could come down and play with me! (hey!)
Mary Jane, nobody is here to blame, Fairy tales
Might as well…be with you outside or in a prison cell
Kiss and tell, not at all, we keeping it on the low
Doing what we got to while we keeping it on the go
I’m just too good-hearted to play tricks on chicks
Fuck with this and you will see, he here, that you missed
Is all unnecessary and involuntarily bad moves
You sittin in your past listening to bad tunes


You changed but you could say that I finally got what I wanted
It first seemed surreal with all the pressure that’s on it
But you kinda dishonest, especially to yourself
Especially if you fuck with people who trying to help
Especially if Tom Jeefs ain’t in your top five
But not I, they looking at me crooked but fuck why
They cockeyed, I could fuck em over but I’ll not try
They can come at me any time… ‘Cause I will not hide
So did I protect myself or did I protect you
You know you wouldn’t do the same I’m sorry I test you
You act like I think bout you day and even night
Even like we gotta find out if this is even right
Even fight over shit that isn’t worth it, not on purpose…
But we know inside nothing truer that or words is
So choose our relation and what do we represent
The wrong thoughts go through my mind man, Where should this end?

Track Name: My Friend (feat. Ashleigh Munn)
[Chorus, Ashleigh Munn]

I remember way back then
When music was my friend
Always helping me
Sticking about to the end
Whenever life got hard
That’s when the music would start
Oh I knew from then
That it was stuck on my heart

[Verse, Tom Jeefs]
Hear the beats, problems disintegrate
He got reward but imagines what he could have made
But everywhere abroad people don’t see the odds
Nothing more than a drug, to escape from the thought
And disaffection is when people start to get abusive
And there is so much attention now I better use it
I know I said this before, but I’ma say it again
There is family, soundness; there is you and your friends
And never put cash over anything but bullshit
‘Cause you might as well lose it
And if you fight for it again, you fight and you win,
Then still in the end, you got only material things
To be happy you need to think what does it, and do it!
If there’s an obstacle in your way, then you gotta move it
And if the people doubt your plan, then you gotta prove it
Never forget your self-evident friend, the music.

[Chorus, Ashleigh Munn]

[Verse, Tom Jeefs]
You took your friend for granted, as they play him.
But you know that if he vanished, you’d cause a mayhem
They want everything for free, so they didn’t pay him
They don’t care about his origin, they rather take him
How would it feel, getting misused, and disproved
And reduced to thoughts that were diffused,
Without no time to collect your thoughts and justify,
Sounded like a hurricane started by a butterfly
If you was locked up, with one thing by yourself
Wouldn’t it be something that could help you to find yourself?
Wouldn’t it be something that could maybe redefine yourself?
Maybe a track that would make you wanna rhyme yourself.
Express opinions, widespread to millions
Acoustically empower militants and civilians
Its force is overwhelming, who are you to refuse it?
Powerful enough to unite us all – the music

[Chorus, Ashleigh Munn]
Track Name: Golden Vibe
What was called Hypenitis in 1998
Is now a common infection of every person in the state
I’m too alternative to hate, rather debate
Too mainstream to be overseen, too in the middle to be fake
Perform in clubs from reggae DJ’s to real rappers
On Radio with backup, a crossover matchup
Be fast to catch up, lyrics go over heads,
People are too uninterested to listen to what I said
Never believe in lies until I’m on the other side
Promoters quit the job ´cause I swim against the tide
But I’m just doing mines I never arranged the rhymes
That didn’t after some time just flooded out of my mind
See I’m not that average illuminati HipHop puppet
I know that you love it…everything I’m busting
Has substance, you just need to open your eyes
And trust it…then you’re gonna flow with the rhymes

Now everything is gone that the people loved
Every single song that was on the buzz
Now we all cold and it’s really odd
The devil had his hands in the play of god

I’m opening my window
Feel the breeze waving past my arms with my face still buried in my pillow
I can’t get up because it’s been a long night,
The daily routine is calling, demotivation is a hard fight
I’m in it; cuz my passion’s having hard times
Till the finish lines, with rhymes from a far side
When I combine, I could have thought about it right
Instead of thinking way back in the dark of every night
But this is painkiller part two - your misfortune - faggots tryna argue
But not with me, I had a little education in hypocrisy
Now if you wanna peep the real shit then come with me
Dropping one song per day, into the library of Tom Jeefs
Infinite archives underlay
But hey – The world turns and we keep moving
What they love nowadays was made to disprove em

Track Name: One Moment (feat. Godfrey Egbon)
[Verse, Tom Jeefs]
It actually just takes one single moment
But time is an illusion so how could we know it
And still it is limited, and everybody fears every
Single second they live it…until they infinite
But trust me, they punish me but also themselves
Until doomsday and then they are waiting for help
But I made it myself, I just use what I perceive
Everything that I see, And make the best out of it,
and I’m proud of it, and could I just live without it?
I doubt it, cuz my life’s about it.
You’re a part of me, and I’m a part of you
I’m a part of God; and you’re a part of God too
Now that’s what I do, the universe is due
To energy and time, and so are the rhymes
I come from design, let me introduce the unknowing
To the mind-blowing
To the showdown, because I know how it goes down
What now?
They wanna see the truth it’s been cut out
Now probably the best to do is confess
All the stress makes me a mess But as long as...

[Chorus, Godfrey Egbon]
I always know I want to go
And I know what I got to show, yeah,
And even now when I die
I could be content with my whole life

[Verse, Tom Jeefs]
I just know that if I’m not blind
I can learn from mistakes namely every single time
But I will analyze as long as my name’s Jeefs
And who said, we had to accept the truth as it seems?
I remember walking with you…at sundown on the promenade talking with you,
Now hand in hand, everything that we thought was in vain
Was really not and again, I take a chance to start it over my friend
Ask me what I am doing, I’m building a bridge and castle
A new world for you, and you’ve heard it too
Live from love and air, with fairy-tale adoptions
A little paradise with new laws and options
No more waiting on the way on a rainy day
Like I wouldn’t have passed, cause I don’t wanna take away
And I take away your pain, ease the life, it’s plain,
I’ll even keep playing your game, but just as long as...

[Chorus, Godfrey Egbon]